How to Naturally Cleanse the Lungs from Tobacco Issues

How to Naturally Cleanse the Lungs from Tobacco Issues

The cleansing of lungs is important and beneficial for those who are exposed to tobacco, e-cigs, vaping, smoke, air pollution and other chronic conditions on a daily basis. These conditions affect your respiratory system, leading to pulmonary diseases, cystic fibrosis and asthma. In order to keep your body healthy and away from damaging toxins present in tobacco, cig smoke, cleansing is essential. And nothing could be better if it’s done in a natural manner.

Lungs happen to be an organ that is self-cleansing and can heal them if the exposure to certain pollutants stops, for instance quitting smoking. Long exposures to tobacco smoke or e-cig may make a person’s chest inflamed, full or congested. The gathering of mucus takes place to catch pathogens and microbes in lungs, which gives you a heavy feeling. Certain natural techniques help you clear it out, relieves the congestion of chest which in turn will improve your lung capacity, also, reduce inflammation by opening up the airways.

Ways to clean out the lungs

Look below to remove the excess mucus present in the lungs, by lifestyle changes and breathing exercises.

  • Steam therapy

Steam inhalation or steam therapy involves the process of inhaling the vapor of hot water to open up airways and drain the mucus from lungs. The irritable symptoms in lungs tend to worsen in winters and cold weather or during dry air. Climates like these can easily dry out mucus membranes and restrict the blood flow. So the steam adds moisture and warmth to the airways and lungs and helps in breathing by loosening the mucus. It is known to give you immediate relief. If not permanently, it is sure to give you temporary effective solution.

  • Controlled coughing

When you cough you naturally expel toxins which are trapped in the mucus. So coughing is important to clear out the lungs. By following these steps you can release excess mucus;

  1. Sit on a chair in a complete relaxed manner
  2. Then fold your arms over your stomach
  3. Start inhaling slowly through your nose
  4. Then exhale slowly leaning forward and slowing keep pushing your arms against your stomach
  5. Cough 3 or 4 times while breathing out
  6. Again inhale deeply
  7. Repeat this as necessary
  • Exercise

Being regular with exercise will give you improved mental and physical health and reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke. When you exercise your muscles tend to work harder which in turn increases your breathing rate, which gives immense oxygen supply to the muscles. The improved circulation of blood flow removes carbon dioxide present in the body. Although it can turn little chronic for those with lung conditions, they do benefit from it and must ask their doctor before beginning with new exercising regimen.

  • Green tea

Green tea contains certain antioxidants and compounds which reduces inflammation and protect the lung tissues which is affected and filled with smoke inhalation. A study that took place in Korea, established that people who had two cups of this tea on a daily basis had a better functioning lung than those who didn’t.

  • Anti-inflammatory food

Foods that fight inflammation like cherries, turmeric, leafy greens, olives, beans, lentils, walnuts etc are helpful get rid of congested lungs.