The quitting process does not only involve getting over the physical dependence but also the psychological dependence on nicotine. Using tobacco is a plain habit for some, few do it while bonding with their friends and some deal with stress through it. The cravings might peak during the initial days after you quit and diminish over the period of 3 months. Until 6 months the cravings might be completely gone, unless you don’t give in to it at the start.

The thing is, when you get addicted to tobacco, you confine yourself within a fabric of threads. These threads are interwoven and entwined with each other closely. Once you start to let go off this habit, you have to unravel these tobacco threads that’s associated with your mind and body.

The following strategies will fill the tobacco void in your life;


One would recover from the nicotine addiction and release it through a gradual process over time. One has to patiently reprogram the responses towards the urge that triggers it on a daily basis. Through practice this void will be filled and one has to always choose something else over these cravings. Practice, is however, necessary. You can’t get over it immediately so relax and make time your biggest healer. As you developed the habit through regular practice, you have to get rid of it in the same way.

Check out those seasonal triggers

The triggers are actually seasonal and may create strong tobacco urges after months of quitting. For instance, you liked smoking in winter while gardening, so again while digging some dirt in the spring you’d crave it and feel the void intensely. Do not panic, it’s just the mind that’s processing and bringing back old associations, don’t give in. Remember, if you are able to kick off the feeling at such situations, you will certainly leave tobacco or e-cigs for good.

Adopting right attitude

There is something which is equally important just like time and practice and that is your attitude. You will always somewhere meet that friend who would speak about how he/she misses smoking, and it’s frightening to hear that. They are actually lying; we do not miss tobacco but just the dwindling nicotine feeling in our bodies. This makes us believe that tobacco happens to be that necessary component which is needed for a fulfilling life. We start to think that our lives are dull without these little packages, but in fact life has innumerable beautiful things to offer you. It’s important that you treat this void with right attitude and how it can make you a slave to it, if you do not change the way you feel about it, you will always miss smoking and never fill the void.

Change the mindset

Truly understanding the dangers and power of addiction to tobacco can be really helpful in recovering from nicotine void. Let your mental chain and misconceptions regarding it break down by educating yourself, support a group that is associated with smoking cessation, whether, online or personal.

Do not consider giving up e-cig or tobacco a sacrifice. It is nothing valuable that you are giving up. It is rather a gift that you’d give yourself by staying away from it.

Will the void of tobacco last forever? Not really!